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Default Mustang Magazines...what to do with them??

Hey Guys,

Been doing some spring cleaning and came across a number of years worth of mustang magazines. Do you guys have any idea if people collect/keep these or should I just toss them in the recycling bin?

I have roughly from 2005 up to 2012/13 maybe. Thanks Guys.
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03' whitesnake
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I do see some people collecting them. Its really hard to judge which ones to keep or not. I have a bunch that have terminator relsted articles just for personal preference.

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Boosted SUV
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I have a tone of magazines collected, just all the basics. Car and driver, road and track, motor trend been getting them since I had a license and never thrown any of them out. When I had my own place (which will hopefully happen again soon..lol) I had them all displayed like books on a shelf. Usually had a couple on the coffee table for friends to read when they came over. Times are different now with everything in the world right at our fingertips Though. Personally I still like to read the paper form, if I could only have more time to do it.

Maybe someday when I'm old and grey my grandkids will come over and I can read them old articles like story books..lol

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