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Default New motor, new PB - 9.28 @ 147

It actually happened...finally. I cant believe 8 months ago almost to the day was the last time i raced this car. And of course I went up on one of the hottest days. The chance of rain was 60% but radar looked good so I went up on July 4th for the track rental. My DA calculator at 2pm said 2300' and I bet it went up after that because when we got back into the truck at 5pm it was 92 degree's out.

Anyways, as I always do I went over the car and planned for a nice easy cruise down the track just to make sure everything feels good. Got up to maybe 40-50mph and all felt well. Went up for 2nd pass about 45 minutes later and just wanted to get on it for a few seconds and make sure everything looked good (gauges) and felt good. I rolled out easy and then hammered it and as you'll see in the video....well you'll see..haha!

Third pass I was gonna go for it but got out of it just past the 1/8 bc I felt a little vibration in the car and didnt know what it was. Still resulted in a new best 1/8 ET and MPH to the tune of a 5.91 @ 118 w/ a 1.36 60'. Still coasted to a 9.6.

Fourth pass I planned ot stay in it and man did she roll out! 60' wasn't there at 1.38 and I went a little high on the 1-2 shift. It spun a bit then caught after about 5-10 feet and that 1st gear is short! So it went 5.95 @ 117 and a new best 1/4 of 9.28 @ 147.

The engine temp would start at 175 and hit 185 at the top of the run. IAT1 was 98 at start of the run and 92 by the traps. IAT2 started at 100 and ended at 125 which is similar to my Eaton passes (20 degree increase) and boy does that boost NOT drop at all. 20psi all the way down. And we took a few degree's of timing out of it so this is NOT the 750whp setup. I'd guess around 700-715 at most. All in all Im very happy what Ive done so far and now its time to work on the 60's. Should easily be able to get it to go a 1.29 and in the 9.0s on this tune up. Time will tell. Oh and Im not sure how accurate the scale was but it said 3110 w/ me in it and half a tank and n2o bottle so that 100lbs less than last year. WOW.

Here is a quick video I slapped together.

Silver '03 Cobra Coupe Auto - The First Eaton 03/04 into the 9's!
9.82@135 w/ a 1.35 - OEM Longblock, NO Nitrous!

Fastest Eaton / n2o Cobra in the world...
9.46 @ 140 w/ a 1.35

NOW - Teksid, 10.5:1, TVS @ 20psi
9.11 @ 148 w/ a 1.30

**Click here for all my video's!!!**

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Hoooooollllllllyyyyyyyyyy fuck !!!!!!!

Good shit jake !
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Dude congrats I watched the video last night. One hell of a beast you got yourself now lol

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1997 Jeep Cherokee. 4.0 5-spd 3inch lift on 31s. 224k and still going stong! Ford Fuel injector mod, high flow cat, magnaflow exhaust, FOR SALE!!!
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